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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toddler Forced To Smoke Pot

18-Year-Old, Drug Dealing Father Forces Child To Smoke Pot:

In a disgusting display of ignorance and child endangerment a videotape was discovered on a camcorder that was sold to an Ohio area pawnshop. In the video you can see a male smoking pot from a pipe and then holding the pipe to the mouth of a squirming 18-month-old little girl. Then you see another young woman holding the child in her lap and placing the pipe in the babies mouth, as well as pot smoke being blown into the face of the child.

18-year-old Melvin Blevins has been charged with child endangerment, as well as his girlfriend, 16-year-old Angel Dailey.

Thankfully, the father has already been arrested and charged.


jason said...

Nice family.

Anonymous said...

You should not let kids under 4 smoke weed

ronda said...

check video interview

Peeved Guy said...

I guess they were celebrating the agreement on which gang the baby will join?

Anonymous said...

ya i live in newark, about 10 minutes away from pataskala ohio, where this happened.

i'm surrounded by hicks and rednecks, who have nothing better to do but smoke pot and yell at black people al day

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely disgusting!! If you smoke pot that is fine with me, no problem at all but you should never force someone who doesn't to smoke it with you. And to think that this is a helpless child breaks my heart~ as a mother I think these idiotic kids should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!!!

Anonymous said...

people as dumb as that shouldn't be out in public let alone with kids i have a lil baby and i cannot stand to see this trash. they should get the shit beat out of them and get the worst punishment possible