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Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Magazine Jumps Shark

Advance Copy - Next Issue Compares Iwo Jima To Global Warming:

time global warming

Time Magazine has long been obsessed with the overblown myth of human induced global warming. Next week's cover marks the breaking point for a magazine on the brink. Time Magazine has officially jumped the shark... In comparing the 'battle' against global warming to the real battle of Iwo Jima they have offended many veterans. Maybe this newly adopted tactic explains Time's massive circulation drop over the past several years. The magazine could be following the rest of the ancient publications around the bowl but a move like this will have them leading the charge downward.

1 comment:

hammer111 said...

The vast majority of scientists in relavant fields agree that human induced global wrming exists, fist of all. You and the other dead-enders can go on denying that and the fact that the world is round. Unless you are a top scientist in a relavant field, how exactly do you conclude something other than a huge majority. You think they are all mamby pamby liberals? They're not. We trust science for so many things, and our trust is mostly well placed, I can't understand what you rely on. Anecdotes and the few percent of contrarians, or the blubbering of rush Limbag types?

This doesn't by any means put me in al gore's camp. I am more in agreement with Thomas Friedman:


I disapprove strongly of the Time cover because of its use of a sacred American image which is not worthy of the story or issue attached to it.