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Monday, April 7, 2008

Terry McAuliffe Is A Traitor?

Clinton Campaign Chair Smiles, Poses With Obama Signs:

clinton obama
clinton obama

Was Terry McAuliffe, chairman of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, engaging in his own sort of hedging strategy at a recent meeting of Washington State Democrats? Or was the former Democratic National Committee chair engaging in a kumbayah, all-us-Democrats-are-in-this-together moment?

McAuliffe attended the regional caucuses of the Washington State Democrats over the weekend and graciously posed with some grass-roots Democrats.

What's really interesting, as you can see from these photos, is that McAuliffe posed with supporters of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign and that a beaming McAuliffe helped them hold up their large Obama signs for the camera. McAuliffe is wearing his Clinton button but it's dwarfed by the Obama sign he's holding.

Admittedly, there's an inside chance that McAuliffe didn't see what was on the signs. But, come on, it's not like he's holding some tiny flier or something. McAuliffe is holding not one, but two giant banners for Obama and he's the chairman for Hillary's campaign. Is he trying to tell us something? Note the Hillary pin on his jacket.


Anonymous said...

MORON! As if Hil needed any more problems this week.

Anonymous said...


Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Ha! FAIL will never get old...

Anonymous said...

who cares? I sure don't.. we don't need A lying bitch, or a racist closet muslin in the White House.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Let it all out... tell us how you really feel.