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The News Junkie: Student Invites McCain For Drink

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Student Invites McCain For Drink

Peter Doocy Is Fox & Friends Co-Host Steve Doocy's Son:

A second student raised Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton's weekend visit to an Indiana bar, where she knocked back a shot of whiskey.

"I was wondering if you think that she's finally resorted to hitting the sauce just because of some unfavorable polling. And I was also wondering if you would care to join me for a shot after this?" the student asked.

Hoots and hollers came from the audience. McCain laughed, too.

"I did not see the clip of it but I certainly heard about it, and whatever makes Senator Clinton happy is ... is certainly, uh, certainly ...," McCain said with a broad smile, chuckling and raising his eyebrows.

I hate Steve Doocy but I think his son will grow up just fine.

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