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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Russian Doomsday Cult Photos

Three Pictures Down You'll See The Leader Of The Doomsday Cult:

NIKOLSKOE, Russia: Fourteen members of a Russian doomsday cult on Tuesday abandoned the remote underground bunker where they had been hiding for nearly half a year awaiting the end of the world.

A local official said the cult members believed God had sent them a sign to come to the surface when part of their dugout collapsed. Another 14 people were still underground but officials were hopeful they too would come out.

"All are in good health, considering they have spent half a year underground," said Oleg Melnichenko, deputy governor of the Penza region where members have been holed up since October.

It took 4 cave-ins for them to realize that hiding out underground and waiting for the end of the world with a crazy guy might be a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

If you read the whole article...their 'prophet' actually was used in negotiations to get them OUT of the underground bunker.
"Officials had for weeks been trying to persuade members to come out, negotiating through a ventilation shaft. They brought self-declared prophet Kuznetsov, and an Orthodox priest, to help with negotiations.
Kuznetsov did not join his followers in the bunker, saying God had different tasks for him."

Why am I not surprised that he wasn't in the bunker with the crazy people?

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Hey, someone had to be the lookout!