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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reverend Wright Wasn't Crucified

The Re-Writing Of Reverend Wright's History Continues:

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DALLAS — The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the embattled pastor of presidential candidate Barack Obama, gave a 45-minute sermon on Sunday that included a reference to his “public crucifixion” for past comments from the pulpit.

Wright received a standing ovation from the 4,000 worshippers at Friendship-West Baptist Church, The Dallas Morning News reported on its Web site.

During the first of two Sunday sermons he was expected to deliver, Wright wove a gospel message with commentary about social justice. He told the congregation to lean on God and stand up for themselves.

Security was tight, and no media cameras were allowed inside the church, the newspaper reported.

This is insane. If you caught the radio show last night you already know half of the story. The Reverend Wright emerged from the shadows for his first interview since the uproar over his controversial comments. He chose PBS and the Bill Moyers show to begin a mission to rewrite history. Moyers insinuated that Obama's reverend had been 'publicly crucified' because of his comments. Well, apparently the reverend liked this comment so much that he's running with it in his sermons.

I'm not buying the hype.

What you said, Reverend Wright, was disturbing to say the least. The American public distanced themselves, as did Barrack Obama, from those outlandish statements. They were not only inflammatory and outrageous, they had no factual base. Regardless, you were in no way 'crucified' for your lies and, as a pastor yourself, you should take offense to comments such as this. So while the NAACP and the National Press Club attendees today and tomorrow pretend that all is forgiven, I can't forgive and forget.

The American government never infected black citizens with AIDS. The American government did not orchestrate or invite the September 11 attacks. The average white American is not the hateful racist you paint them out to be. It is you, Reverend Wright, who seeks to divide this country by color. It is you who seeks to misinform your many followers. You may have your congregation fooled but I can see through your sly smile and eased rhetoric.

What do you think folks? Will Reverend Wright rewrite history?

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