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Saturday, April 5, 2008

News Junkie Radio Show 04-05-08

Hillary Clinton, Randi Rhodes, Jesse Ventura And More:

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(Show begins at 05:30 into the file...)


Anonymous said...

Another great show. I'm listening from Dallas by download. I wish I could get it here on our local news station but it's nice to fast-forward the commercials!

Ms. Clark said...

Thank you for getting to the point about Jenny McCarthy. She's not only generally stupid, she's also dead wrong. She needs to use her anger and foul mouth to make points because she can't argue the facts.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Thanks for your comment Ms. Clark.. I hope you'll stick around. You'd be surprised at the reaction to the McCarthy story. I received quite a few emails from parents of autistic children who agree with her. Keep in mind, emotions aside, these parents are not medical doctors either. McCarthy sounded like a fool and I'm glad I got the point across to you.