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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mysterious Lights In Arizona

Bizarre Lights In The Arizona Sky Shock North Valley Residents:

Several Valley residents reported seeing strange red lights in the sky on Monday night and the cause of the lights remains a mystery.

Arizona Republic reporter Anne Ryman, who lives in Deer Valley, reported seeing four lights in a square shape that eventually became a triangular shape. The lights were moving to the east and they disappeared one by one. She said the lights were visible for about 13 minutes at about 8 p.m..

One north Phoenix resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer as the witness watched. He said the last light remained in the sky the longest. Then three jets came from the west and traveled in the direction of the red lights.

Strangely enough, this wasn't the only reported 'UFO' sighting last night. There was another unexplained light formation in St. Augustine, Florida. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for both sightings but it's interesting that they occurred on the same night.


jason said...

If not UFOs then most likely Angels flying around. Or possibly witches.

Shawn Wasson said...

Somehow I knew you would dig into this story...