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Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Condi Rice VP Talk

Dan Senor On ABC News 'This Week' Says Condi Is Campaigning:

You'll remember our post about John McCain's 'short list' of potential VP candidates. Condi was the odds-on favorite for the spot according to that leaked list and this seems to confirm that she is, at the very least, interested in the job. Condoleezza Rice seems like a smart choice for several reasons. If Hillary is the Democrat nominee, McCain has a woman to balance out the ticket. If Obama wins, he has a black woman. Above and beyond race and politics, Rice is extremely experienced and would be ready to assume the Presidency if need be. She seems like a good candidate to me.


hammer111 said...

Condi Rice was called the "worst National Security Advisor in history" by weapons inpector David Kay. Condoloser was the one handing Bushi Jr those Presidential Daily Briefings that said "Muslim Fundamentallist learns to fly", and "Bin Laden detmined to strike inside US". The 9-11 Commission report shows Condi to have been incompetent and uninterested in terrorism even as Richard Clarke tried to convince her otherwise.

what has she done as Sec of State...nothing since she is seen as a meesenger girl for Bushie Jr. In other words, she has no influence. How does that give anyone confidence in her as a President when McCain kicks the bucket? She gets a huge pass from the mainstream media including Fox news because they love the narrative of a young black girl who has risen to the top levels of government and they are very protective of that narrative even as most of that media disapprove of her colleagues. As an Obama supporter, I don't deny that Obama has benefitted from that same protectiveness, at least early on, before the sensationalism of the Wright story overruled it.

If you look at an earlier post of mine from 4-5-08, I predicted McCain will indeed choose Condi.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Clinton took up the offer of Obama opps I mean Osama from Sudan in 1996 3000 Americans would still be alive today. Thanks Bill