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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miss Landmine 2008 Crowned

Amputee Beauty Pageant Crowns 'Miss Landmine 2008' In Angola:

She has beauty, brains and soon a new prosthetic leg.

Agusta Urica, 31, was crowned the world's first Miss Landmine Wednesday in Luanda, Angola, beating out 17 other women who've lost limbs to landmines in this African nation still struggling with the vestiges of a 20-year civil war.

Urica, a survivor of a landmine that claimed a portion of her leg, was being fitted Thursday for a new prosthetic limb after cinching the win before dignitaries and the nation's first lady, Ana Paula dos Santos.

Take a look a the other contestants. Congrats to Mrs. Urica!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! --- Is this real?

Anonymous said...

This is nuts! Oh well...I guess everyone is special in their own way?

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

It is real... and I gather it's a fact of life in a land we rarely see.