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Friday, April 18, 2008

Doc Drop: McCain Tax Returns

John McCain Releases Tax Returns From Both 2006 And 2007:

john mccain tax return

[McCain Tax Return For 2006] [McCain Tax Return For 2007]


Peeved Guy said...
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Peeved Guy said...

Wait a second. I'm confused. I thought the Republican party was the party for rich people:
2006 taxable income:
McCains: $358,414
Obamas: $991,296
Clintons: $16,063,908

Whenever any of these jokers start going on about "identifying" with the average American, I feel like cursing.

hammer111 said...

Peeved guy obviously is not well informed, and you newsjunkie did nothing to help:

where is discussion of Cindy Mccain's income and tax returns. she is superwealthy, and if you go by assets, McCain is by far the wealthiest candidate. so what happened newsjunkie, why would you leave out such a relavant fact. Its actually been reported several different places, but peeved apparently didn't get the memo.

Read this peeved:

Now tell us who is really rich, and are you going to curse McCain's wealth, I couldn't tell whether you were an equal opportunity curser like I am.

Peeved Guy said...


I stand by everything I said in my first post.

True, I had no idea about Cindy McCain being a beer distribution heiress (now if she were just three feet tall with a flat head... sorry bad joke), but I meant every word. I get truly annoyed when these politicians (left, right or center) start flapping their gums about how they can identify with the average Joe because they've been there, etc. These people pull down more money in one year than the "Average Joe" would see in 20+ years.

I made the crack about Republicans because it seems that the Democrats have made more of a big deal of the "Rich Republicans" that are pandering to Big [insert industry] and are going to screw the "little guy". A la John "my daddy worked in a mill" Edwards. Wasn't his daddy the manager of the mill or some crap like that?

Hypocrisy and pandering really piss me off.

hammer111 said...

I am not sure you're right about Edwards. I think its generally known that came from modest circumstances. didn't his father go to school at night and eventually later on became the formen or manager. I like Edwards in spite of his profession, but i agree that there were a couple of times where he or his wife came off as elitist.

but I wonder why McCain gets a pass on beign completely out of touch with the economic pressures on today's middle class. He keeps flip flopping on economic issues. It seems like he doesn't know what to say until after his economic handlers tell him, "no John, you got it wrong, say this instead". It took him three times to make sense on the subprime issue, didn't it?

And I think there's worse things than being an elitist. Like an arrogant moron tin soldier cowboy that we have in office now.