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Monday, April 28, 2008

Deplorable Conditions At Fort Bragg

Action Taken After Soldier's Father Posts This Shocking Video:

(CNN) -- The U.S. military is promising action to address conditions in a barracks at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, after a soldier's father posted images on YouTube showing a building that he said "should be condemned."

"This is embarrassing. It's disgusting. It makes me mad as hell," Ed Frawley said of the building where his son, Sgt. Jeff Frawley, had to live upon his return this month from a 15-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Frawley said Monday that Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Dick Cody called him to say he shares Frawley's anger and that "there's no excuse." Cody said he would not want his own sons or any troops to return to such conditions, Frawley said.

Frawley's 10-minute video shows still photos from throughout the building, which appears to be falling apart and filled with mold and rust.

I'm with you Ed. This is unacceptable. If our soldiers are willing to put their lives on the live to defend this country the least we can do is provide them with decent lodgings. Three inches of sewage water is not only disgusting, it's downright dangerous. Let's hope this video is the spark needed to clean up Fort Bragg. If it isn't, the army may just have another Walter Reed scandal on their hands.

1 comment:

Peeved Guy said...

I think this video only shocks people who have not been in the military. I spent 10 years active duty Air Force and never saw anything quite this bad, but mold and rusty pipes was the norm. Keeping in mind that the Air Force in renowned for having the best facilities and food; if the AF had mold and othr problems, I can only imagine what the Army has to put up with (let's not even mention the Marines).

Newer facilities are being built all the time and it will take a long time for old buildings like the one shown to be phased out.