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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Death By Rotten-Egg-Gas

A Deadly New Fad Among Teens Is Taking Japan By Storm:

news junkie

DEATH by rotten-egg gas, Japan's latest suicide fad, appears to have claimed 10 lives this week including a 14-year-old girl.

The schoolgirl's mother and two other people were treated in hospital on Wednesday after their apartment filled with noxious hydrogen sulphide fumes produced by combining two common chemical products, a toilet cleaner and a brand of bath salts.

About 60 other people in the apartment building, in Konan City on Shikoku island, reported milder illness from inhaling the fumes, called rotten-egg gas for its pungent odour.

Jesus. Word is, these kids are getting the idea from Internet message boards who advertise the bizarre form of suicide as 'quick and painless.' Except for the smell, I guess. In this case, the girl posted a note on her door saying 'poisonous gas being produced' inside. Between this and all of the English teens hanging themselves in one neighborhood, I don't know which is most disturbing.

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