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Friday, April 4, 2008

Conservatives Against Romney VP?

The 'Values Voter Coalition' Is Urging McCain To Avoid Mitt:

A sign of the times? Karl Rove may be losing touch with the base here as he's pushing the McCain-Romney ticket full force at the moment. This may be nothing more than a flash-in-the-pan grassroots movement. I still think most Conservatives would be more than happy with Romney as a VP.


hammer111 said...

Here is my take as of today, 4-5-08:

The recent public statements and appearances by Condoloser Rice looks to me like a PR campaign in advance of naming her as the VP.

First, she made the statement about the effects of slavery on racial dynamics still being felt today. I agree with her on that, but when have you ever heard her say something so anathema to contemporary conservative ideaology? Its a whole new public narrative for her. Coincidence that she is a potential VP choice?

Then, I saw her doing a puff segment, I forget what network, about her exercise routine, showing her doing treadmills and and such. Ahhh, making Condi seem personable and regular...whats going on here?

Assuredly, the right wingers dislike her as much or even much more than Romney, but McCain wouldn't worry about that. He faces a tough battle considering the unhappiness of the electorate with the current Republican administration, and will need all the help he can get.

What better way than to have your own African American "success story" AND woman, as your running mate? Pairing Condi with McCain would definitely soften his edges, and take away some of the ability to contrast racial or gender make up of the Presidential ticket, at least a litle bit, theoretically. and while the right wingers would be squealing like stuck pigs, McCain is the one who gets to choose, and he wants to win. McCain also knows that right wingers are not going to stay home and risk giving Obama or Hillary the Whitehouse.

I have nothing but contempt for Condi myself, who David Kay called the worst NSA in history, and her succuss as Sec of State has been zero as far as I can see, but I also see that giving the bad political climate for Republicans in general, and the possible foes in the general election, Condi will be the choice. Not draftdodging Mitt.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

The Condi VP machine is just getting started... buckle up.