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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Acid Attacks On The Rise In Asia

Shock Photos: Acid Attacks Rise Sharply In South Asia:

acid victim
acid victim
acid victim
acid victim

"This is another form of violence against women, and the patriarchal values that exist in societies are responsible for this horrific form of atrocity," Sushma Varma, the head of the campaign, better known as CSAAW, tells ABC News.

In Indian society there are multiple systematic ways in which women have become the targets of violence, from the burning of widows to the widespread aborting of female fetuses.

But acid is common here. Many Indians use it to clean their kitchens and bathrooms instead of bleach, and that's why it has become a weapon.

These attacks aren't just limited to Asia. Acid attacks have become more widespread in places like London, England and even here in the United States. In South Asia the attacks focus mostly on young women in Islamic neighborhoods. Early this year two Turkish girls were attacked by a group of Muslim men for wearing short skirts. The girls suffered severe burns and were rushed to the hospital. In Bangladesh, a 24-year-old man was sentenced to death after an acid attack on his 9-year-old wife left her severely disfigured and blinded for life. This is a disturbing trend and it's something I'm going to keep my eye on. Beyond being disturbing, it often goes unpunished.

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