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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vegan Vixens Strip For A Cause

Meet 'Carrot,' A Stripper At Casa Diablo Strip Club In Portland:

TWO things that you can find a lot of in Portland, Ore., are vegans and strip clubs. Johnny Diablo decided to open a business to combine both. At his Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club, soy protein replaces beef in the tacos and chimichangas; the dancers wear pleather, not leather. Many are vegans or vegetarians themselves.

But Portland is also home to a lot of young feminists, and some are not happy with Mr. Diablo’s venture. Since he opened the strip club last month, their complaints have been “all over the Internet,” he said. “One of them came in here once. I could tell she had an attitude right when she came in. She was all hostile.”

Diablo isn't the first to try something like this, PETA has been using sex to sell it's message for years. The New York Times jumped all over this story in today's Style section. The vegan strip club even has it's own band aptly named, you guessed it, the Vegan Vixens. They don't seem to have much in the way of musical skills but their willingness to take clothes off has landed them in a music video.

I'm not sure how many customers want to mix politics and nudity but you have to give them credit for being creative here. If you're ever in Portland, look them up and report back to me. Just try to keep it professional, you're on business.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think I remember the Suicide Girls doing something like this once... maybe for PETA?