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Friday, March 28, 2008

Dean: End Race By June 1st

DNC Chair Howard Dean Says The Slug Fest Needs To End:

"We don't want this to degenerate to a big fight at the convention," Dean said, "This is an evenly divided party with two great potential nominees. I need to make sure that we all play by the rules that we all agreed to a year ago that the person who loses will be just as strong a supporter of the person who wins."

Yeah, good luck with that. Dean doesn't seem to grasp the problem here. Two states have been robbed of their right to vote because of childish actions by the DNC. Two Democrat candidates are fighting tooth and nail with no end in sight. Neither of them will get enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. If Hillary somehow, however doubtful the prospect is, won with super delegates, the party will riot. Meanwhile, McCain licks his chops and acts Presidential. The DNC needs a Hail Mary pass, quickly.

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