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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Al Gore's Full Court Press

What's With The Onslaught Of High-Profile Gore Pieces?:

If you're trying to get the American people's attention, 60 Minutes is the place to be. If you're not, and you have no interest in running for President, why would you grant an interview to the most popular news program on television? It's no coincidence that Time Magazine is pushing an article today titled 'Is Al Gore The Answer?'. There is a full court press out there aimed at either forcing or tricking Al Gore into running for President.

A quick wire search pulls up 6,508 articles in the past 72 hours that mention Al Gore by name. There are dozens of websites, like, aimed at pulling Gore into the race. On top of all of this, he's scheduled to appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday where he will call those who disagree with him on global warming (see: Me) 'fringe groups' and compare them to people who think the moon landing was staged or the world is flat.

The man is everywhere. Al Gore is either contemplating a run as an Independent or he's sucking up all the attention to expand his already impressive bank account. Either way, Democrats can't be happy with this. Gore's posturing makes the party look even more fragile than the never ending back and forth between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He's more of a problem than Ralph Nader. The question is, will he stay on the sidelines or throw his hat in the ring?

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